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Resources - 2008 August 14

RADIO AD LAB: Media / Consumer Studies

Executive Summaries of Research Projects

The Radio Ad Lab, an independent organization established in 2001 is known as Radio Ad Effectiveness Lab (RAEL). It is funded by Radio industry companies to further the understanding of how Radio advertising works, to measure Radio’s effectiveness and to increase advertiser and agency confidence in Radio.  The mandate is to improve industry understanding of how Radio advertising works and increase advertiser/agency confidence in Radio as an advertising medium.

>> Engaging Emotions Through Effective Radio Ads: A Study of How Radio Affects Consumer Emotions (August 2008)
>> Engagement, Emotions, and the Power of Radio: How Radio Affects Consumer Emotions. (June 2007)
>> Radio and the Internet: Powerful Complements for Advertisers. (Feb. 2007)
>> Personal Relevance II (Sept. 2006)
>> Radio's ROI Advantage (June 2005)
>> Synergy Study (Dec. 2004)
>> Personal Relevance. Personal Connections (Aug. 2004) 

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